Read This--Range Rules, READ them-HEED them

It is obvious that many of you have not read the Range Rules in some time,
even when posted directly in your face. Know them or risk losing your membership.

The updated version is available from the "Members Area" tab.

There is significant emphasis regarding the Indoor Range:
Especially regarding Signing in, Fan use, Firearms allowed, Reporting, etc.
Starting in September 2017 you will need to complete an Indoor Range Orientation session to use it. Orientation sessions will be offered once per month (April, June, July, August).
To signup Click Here.

Trap Update
Trap Use Training is required before using the new unit.
Click Here for information and the training schedule.





Members Please Note:

  • 2017 Workday Sign up is now online! Follow the link or look for it under the Members Area tab. Use the above link to sign up for RO duty on public range days.
  • Online payment will not be available for 2017 dues.
  • If you haven't signed up for the RO Orientation session and are going to RO, Please contact
  • The schedule of RO orientation sessions is available in the 2017 calendar. Be sure to check individual monthly calendars for the latest schedule. Attendance within 3 years of your assignment will be mandatory in 2017. Register on line using SignupGenius. See Members ares/RO Information/General RO Information for instructions.
  • Note: Public Range day fees are payable by cash or check only.


    The Boulder Rifle Club

    South Range South RangeNorth RangeNorth Range

    The Boulder Rifle Club, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado is a non-profit membership club with approximately 800 members. The club was organized in 1923 as the successor to the Boulder Gun Club which was in existence prior to 1889. The club owns two range facilities in the Boulder area. The club's South Range is located just north of Boulder, at the north end of North 26th Street. This is where all scheduled activities are held. See Boulder Magazine Article

    The South Range has the following facilities: See the pictures below

    Outdoor Facilities

    25 yard range

    50 yard range

    100 yard range

    200 yard range

    Trap area

    Indoor Facility

    50 foot, 12 position range

    Class Room

    South Range Facilities

    50 yd25 Yard Range50 yd 50 Yard Range

    Indoor Facilities


    class roomClass Roomindoor range

    Indoor Range