NOTE: If a Work Day needs to be cancelled it will normally be a last minute decision thus there is no reliable way to notify the membership. Thus a notice will be posted here and a sign will be posted on the gate.

We understand that members may be confused by recent changes in how members can meet their work day obligations. The work Day fee was raised to $200 in an attempt to entice more members to provided needed man power for maintenance rather than just pay. In the future the intent is to provide a way to sign up on line for work day projects , general as well as specific projects that can be done on the members timing. For now, stay tuned as we will add information.

The user name and pass word on your membership card is only there for use with a future intended web site update. So for now just ignore it. The newsletter password on your card will open all protected documents except the RO assignments.

North Range

You can no longer just show up for a North Range work day as you may have done in the past.
We have many more members asking for the North Range dates than work can accommodate. Thus members will be assigned to the North Range based on when their membership renewal was received with a North Range work day request. If we have a valid e-mail you will be notified of the day you are assigned. Those not making the cut will be notified. If you can't make your date please be sure to let Ren know. Failure to show up makes it difficult for those who do. Our record of your requested date is available from the club's web site ( see link below). If you don't find your name on the assignments list contact Ren Leitner at 720-771-5299 or The lead person for a specific work day should contact you by email about 1 to 2 weeks before your work day date telling you if you are scheduled to work your requested day. This will depend on the amount of work scheduled to be done. The assignments list may be pass word protected so that your contact information is not openly available to the general public. If protected use your newsletter PW to open it. If you haven't received an email within a week of your date contact Ren to be sure of your status.