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Boulder Rifle Club

Informal All-steel Rifle Match
2 nd Sunday


Dust off that rim fire rifle and set up a high power rifle (you will probably want a good scope) and be prepared for precise rifle shooting against the clock. 

Set up will start at 0800.  The match starts when set up is complete and the shooting order follows the sign in sheet.  Depending on the number of shooters we hope to finish by noon or 1300.  Entry fee is $10.00 per shooter.  Eye and ear protection is required.

High power will be set up on the 200yd berm and rim fire on the 50yd berm.  The course of fire on each berm will be 5 individually timed 5 shot strings from 5 different shooting areas or boxes.  Rifles are to be brought to the first shooting area unloaded and in a case and immediately re-cased after completing the 5th string of fire.  The safety should remain engaged until sights are on the first target and the muzzle must always be pointed at the back stop.  Other than when actually competing, uncased rifles may only be handled (without ammo present) in one of our 2 designated safety areas.

Each shooters score will be the sum of the 5 strings plus 30 seconds added for each missed target and each shot fired while committing a procedural violation.  High power and rim fire will be scored as 2 separate matches and there will be 2 divisions for each match: semi auto and manual action.  Each shooter will be responsible to count hits and misses for the next shooter before leaving.

Any sights are allowed.  Slings are allowed but not connected to the shooter at the start.  Bipods are allowed but must be folded up at the start.  Single shot rifles will be scored in the manual division.  Malfunctions may be corrected during a course of fire but the shooter is limited to only those first 5 cartridges (no extra ammo on the shooter).  Any rim fire ammo is okay on the 50yd berm but please no magnum center fire rifles.  The only accessory which is specifically not allowed is a supportive lace up style shooting jacket.

Any safety violation is grounds for disqualification and includes unsafe muzzle direction, finger on trigger when not engaging a target, disengaging safety before acquiring 1st target, handling an uncased rifle other than in safety areas or during course of fire, and specifically loading or firing more than 5 rounds during a string of fire.

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