Boulder Rifle Club Membership Information

The renewal form has been updated and is now available.
You do not need to resubmit if you all ready have renewed using any of the previous 2017 renewal forms.

2017 Member/Associate/Junior Renewal Form

New Junior/Lite/Wait list Membership Application

Regular/Senior Memberships

The Boulder Rifle Club is currently at its self imposed adult membership limit and maintains a waiting list for adult membership openings. To be placed on the waiting list fill out the membership application shown above and MAIL it to the postal address show on the form. Your name will be placed on the membership waiting list once the completed application has been received.

We recommend that you contact the club secretary 30 days after submitting your application to confirm that you have been successfully added to the membership waiting list. The Boulder Rifle Club is not responsible for lost applications.

There is no fee for being added to the waiting list and you will be contacted when your name comes up.

We recommend that you update us should your contact information change by contacting the club secretary.

However, the membership waiting list is quite long and it will be more than ten years before anyone added to the list at this time would be eligible for adult membership. We do not care for the situation but we are simply unable to satisfy demand for range use by all of the shooters along the Front Range.

We urge you to contact your elected representatives and request that a public range be built. Every municipality and county needs a place for their law enforcement agencies to train and since it will be built with your taxes, you should be able to use it too!

Junior Division

The Boulder Rifle Club has an active Junior Division for youth (under age 18). Youth wishing to join the club and participate in the Junior Division programs or other activities may do so on a space-available basis. Please complete the membership form at the link above and mail it along with payment to the address shown on the form.

An active Junior member may transition to adult membership in the BRC if he or she has satisfied one of the following conditions:

  1. Has been an active Junior member for three years prior to his or her 18th birthday.
  2. Is recommended by one of the Program Directors and is nominated by the Program Director at a BOD meeting.
  3. Is recommended by a member of the BOD and approved by the entire board of directors.

BRC Lite Associate

Individuals who are active participants in the club activities may obtain discounts by becoming a BRC Lite Associate. BRC Lite Associates are not members of the Boulder Rifle Club but are entitled to receive discounts equal to member rates at all club activities and Public Range Days and receive the club newsletter. Please complete the wait list form at the link above and mail it to the address shown on the form.

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