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Muzzle Loader Matches


(4th Saturday)
Every Month (April - August)

Have fun. Dress up in period clothing.
Come shoot the guns of the period.

Attention, all Mountain Men, Buckskinners, Rendezvouers and Muzzleloaders. Plan to attend our matches to be held on the 50 Yd range of the BRC, South Range Facilities. Enjoy the comradeship.The match will be more like a rendezvous, shooters will be able to come up with a stage, but don't say "Hey John, how about this" try it out first to make sure it will work before putting it in the match. I will be glad ro "help"

Fee for the match is $10.00 per shooter!

Sign up starts at 9:00 AM with first shoots fired at 9:30 AM

The match is open to all shooters using percussion or flinklock muzzleloading rifles and pistols of the type used before 1840. In other words, the fireatrm must have a side hammer and fire a patched round ball. No in-line rifles, sabot slugs or conical rounds allowed.

Period dress is encouraged but jeans, t-shirts or work shirts are OK. Anyone showing up in shorts, baseball caps, sandals or looking like a lost member of a Boulder bucycel race will be promptly tarred and feathered.

Visitors who wish to learn about this type of shooting are welcome to observe and questions will be answered. All sorts of free advice will be liberally given to those who wish to improve their shooting. There will be a small charge for advice on marriage, finance and personal hygiene.

Eye and ear protection will be required of all persons on the range.

The courses of fire, utilizing a combination of metal and paper targets, will be different for each match. Bring enough powder patches and balls to fire 50 rounds and be prepared to shoot distances from 11 to 100 yards.

The emphasis of the shoot will be to get together and have a good time shooting and to improve your skill, sort of like a Rendezvous, so dust off your old smokepole, make sure your powder is dry and join us at the range.

We will be awarding a Powder Horn, tie-tack/hat pin to the winner of a randomly selected stage at each match. The "Pin Stage" will be announced before the start of a match. Every match participant who has not previously won a Powder Horn pin is eligible to win.

For additional information, please contact Dennis Bashline at either 720-353-7363 or at