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Boulder Rifle Club

Informal Varmint for Score Benchrest Matches
(usually 4th Sunday)

      Match Rules

This is an informal benchrest league, to give people a chance to try benchrest shooting without buying a zillion-dollar rig.  We use NBRSA targets and match structure, but do not enforce NBRSA rifle restrictions.  Any rifle, any caliber, any sights, anything you might use for varmint hunting is welcome.  However, there are some limits.  Full rules are at the link above.

Targets used are NBRSA Hunter-class benchrest targets for 100 or 200 yards.  These have 6 bulls with a 1/2-minute 10-ring.  You shoot 5 bulls for score, 1 shot on each, plus a sighter bull, shoot it as much as you like.  That's a total of 25 shots for record, 40-50 shots total.  There's time between stages to clean, cool out the rifle, reload, whatever.  We start at 9:00 AM, and we're usually done by 11:30.  If you've got an accurate varmint rifle, give it a try!

Additional Information
Contact Information: George Hyatt 303-378-9073