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The Boulder Rifle Club Junior Small Bore League is a Winchester/NRA Marksmanship four-position target rifle program for boys and girls aged 8–18. The BRC Junior Small Bore program is expressly designed to introduce new junior shooters to the precision rifle sports. The program focuses on developing the fundamentals of four-position small-bore rifle with emphasis on safe firearm handling, and developing correct positions for rifle competition. As our shooters advance in ability, progressing through prone, sitting, kneeling, and off-hand shooting positions, they earn qualifications of Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter, and Expert. Some of the more serious athletes continue shooting in the league to earn the more challenging Distinguished Expert qualification.


At the start of each season we conduct a mandatory 1-hour safety class. Shooters are also given an introduction on how a rifle functions, use of target sights, and use of shooting coats, slings, etc. We continually reinforce safety practices as we instruct the shooters in marksmanship. Our club provides .22 caliber single-shot target rifles, ammunition, targets, and all necessary equipment for beginner to intermediate junior shooters. While the club provides the basic equipment, as shooters progress they will probably want to acquire equipment of their own. The League shoots on the 50-ft indoor range every Tuesday during two annual seasons, Winter and Summer. Winter league runs from October through April; Summer league from June through August. There are three relays, at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 pm, with a maximum of 10 shooters on each line. League members have ample weekly practice time, usually around 40 minutes of shooting time broken into relays of 20-25 rounds of roughly 20 minutes each.

Coaches provide frequent 3-5 minute briefings on varying aspects of precision rifle competition ranging from proper diet, exercise and stretching, to correcting positional faults, and cultivating a healthy competitive mental attitude. There are usually three coaches on the firing line with the shooters. Our coaches are all USA Shooting/NRA Certified Rifle Coaches, and all have undergone a background check to be part of the coaching team.

League members are responsible for following all range rules and demonstrating good sportsmanship. Shooters are expected to attend all practices and any scheduled conflicts (other sports practices, etc.) are strongly discouraged. Each shooter must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during each practice, as the parent acts as scoring official for the shooter.


Participation in the leagues requires Junior Membership in BRC ($25/year). The league activity fee is $50 for each league season, used to defray the cost of ammunition.

Space is limited, and in years when demand is high, we have had to use a waiting list, so enquire early. For more information, contact the organizers below.


League Director Dennis Rodgers ( 303-579-5285

Coach Tom Kroenke (

Coach Glenn Ashton (